Dexter Gallery Added
Dexter Gallery added today 25. December 2010

new cover
added my neweste diskcover. this one is for Vandalism News issue 53... it was drawn in january but not released before September 3rd..

Happy new year!
Lots of covers are added in original printable versions... Also added a drawing
of my cat :)       

Keep on following this site in 2010 :D

Merry Christmas
Added pictures from the Kransekake (Classic Norwegian Ring Cake) house project made yesterday 23rd December at my place ;)
Also added a new black white drawing "Giraffe"... ;) Now i started work on my next disk-cover...
Turbocad. .  . nothing new today,maybe in the next update :)

One new turbocad drawing...
added "House with rooftiles".. with pictures of some of the rooms inside as well... That's all for this update :)

1 New Turbocad Drawing
Today its a can opener.. made on a rainy sunday morning,
just for practice...
More Turbocad and more other pieces coming soon. Found
some old covers i havent scanned yet so must scan them and put them
up too :) See you in the next update

4 new Turbocad drawings...
4 new Turbocad drawings added today... The Commodore 64 was the one that took most of the time the last days... Maybe i add a joystick and monitor to it also . . lets see...
The other new ones are "Fog", "Lost in Space" and "Quick House"... last one quickly made just for practice.  now i gotta go down to the store before it close... see you in the next update

Added some covers, Amiga files +++
Added some lost covers (Triad side A, Style side B, Phuture side B (This was original in color so it does not look good in a black/white version. Maybe i will scan up the color version), Amnesia side B ... Also added my three covershows that i made on Amiga find them under amiga and downloads... They were made under three different groups.. First one for Timezone, then for Black Code Design and the last one under Creative Minds. Turbocad.. i added a blue version of the bicycle, its a bigger more detailed picture than the red one. That's all for this update.. :)

Fixed some Links and added some Turbocad Drawings
Some links were wrong in the covers section. Thanks to ě.W. for checking them.
They should be correct now i hope. Added my latest work in Turbocad: Bicycle,
Skier sign and Submarine explosion :)

Welcome to my new old one wasnt updated for years. I will update it more steady now.
At the moment it will be mostly new work in Turbocad, but paper art and maybe even a new cover
will come soon too.

My latest drawing now is the Eiger°y Lighthouse made with Turbocad.