My Commodore 64 scene history:

Started swapping in 1988, went to Amiga but came back to the c-64 scene in 1990. Joined Alcoholics as my first group on the C-64. Had most contacts in Germany and was in mostly German groups.

Group History:
Alcoholics (1991 -> 1992)
Trance (1992 -> 1993)
Rebels (1993 -> 2-1995),
Alpha Flight 1970 (1995 -> 1998)
Atlantis (2-1995 -> 1995)
Axelerate (18/9-1999 -> 26/2-2001),

Started designing covers Autumn 1993.
Did around 30+ covers, you can find most of them in the Diskcovers section on this site.

Click on the picture below for a link to me on Commodore Scene Data Base....

My Amiga scene history:

Started swapping in 1989. Made collections and slideshows. Joined the Turkish group Zombie Boys in 1989, was leading the Norwegian section and released a lot of collections and three slideshows featuring graphics from the Norwegian artists Intec and Funky Guru. In 1993 i stopped my amiga activities to concentrate on drawing covers and swapping in the C64 scene. I later started doing some swapping and activities on the Amiga again.

Im now a member of the local group Tussejuv Rangers, we have a little demo coming soon which i did som graphics for.

Group History:
CCG (1989 - 1990)
Zombie Boys (1990 -> 1991)
Gate (1991 -> 2-1992),
Crusaders (1993 -> 1993)
Timezone (1995)
Black Code Design (1995 -> 1996)
Black Light (1996 -> 1997),
Creative Minds (1998)
Tussejuv Rangers (2009 - )

Downloads (DMS files):
CoverShow #1 (Timezone)
CoverShow #2 (Black Code Designs)
CoverShow #3 (Creative Minds)

The Covershows contain scanned covers made in a slideshow drawn by me.