All pictures are made using Turbocad Platinum Pro v16 only
All the pictures are made from September 2009, the newest first, oldest in the end. 

Dont know what its supposed to be.. Looks like gift wrap paper :)
Testing the sweep function...
A lot of functions were tested here. Struggled with the Quick pull to make the bed shape right. The bed sheet and carpet is made with lofting
Blue Light
One of my first drawings... nothing special here just testing the bending function, lightening and some more.
House (Hidden line)
Made with the architecture function. One of the first houses i tried to draw...
Same one..just with color :)
Furniture made mostly with boxes, sweeps on the edges. The vase is made with the revolve function
Furniture II
A little abstract furniture.. The candle lights are made with branched lofting.
Same as the ferrari, just adding some bend to the picture, a mirror material on the wall and some more..
This was made mainly to test out the arbitary plane function in the materials section, in other words made to practice inserting a photo. Added a coach and some other lights.
Twisted Box
A lot of functions were used to make this one. Quick Pull, Bending, Shelling, 3D Substract and more.
Tree Box
This was made to practice quick pull, and to practice different ways to use the tree material.
Simple Watch
The first drawing...
Box and marbles
Very simple stuff.. One of my first drawings. Testing 3D Substract and some lightening
This shelf was assembled from a lot of boxes. Using the distribute function to get the same space between all shelves. Quickly made some vases with the revole function and added to shelf
Strange Table
Didnt know what to draw and ended up with a table and some stuff....
Something strange
I dont really know what this is.. maybe some melting gold? :)
The chair was made mainly using the bend function and lofting. Copied the chair and added various materials
Robot Dance
Having some fun with lofting and lightening
Simple House
A very simple house made in 1.5 hours
Measured it and made different views of it in paperspace..

Eigerøy lighthouse
Made in one day. Mainly made with the lofting and copy functions. Its made it in the same height as the original tower.
Made quickly. The bottles are made with lofting function.
This was based on a clock drawn in Turbocad by artist Richard Breem. I struggled a lot with this as it was one of my first  "complicated" drawings in Turbocad.
Just a house
House mainly made with the architecture functions. The enviorment is made with quick pull.
Submarine Explosion
Just testing the pressure load function. Using a material with glow and adding some lights.
Skiing Sign
Made with the quick-pull function. Added some lights.
Blue Bicycle
Just the same bicycle as the red one. Except for the colors and added some things to the tires...
Lost in Space
Made for fun just testing some lightening functions. The item in the middle is a box that i added some pressure load to and a glow to the material.
Quicly made piece. Made with the lofting function. The lines are 3d polylines made with railsweep. Added some fog in the end.
Did a drawing of my good old C64.. had to draw the buttons twice as i was not pleased with the first result. Ended up using almost 3 days on this one.
C-64 from different views
Just the breadbox again from different views :)
Used three days to made this one. Mainly because my computer was working too slow. A lot of lofting is used to make this. Did not find a way to make the chain properly.
Started with drawing just the bed, then added a picture, refridgerator, oven and some more :)
Can Opener
Made my can opener in Turbocad.. just for practice..
Starting drawing a sofa only but ended up adding a table and some walls and some more...
Click here to view as 3D GIF
Click here to view as 3D GIF

House with rooftiles
(NEW Dec 10)
Some rooms inside: Hall, Livingroom, Bathroom